Nettle Tisane

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Nettle Tisane

Post by ThreeperMan on Sun 12 Jul 2009, 15:29

Nettle tea is pleasantly herbacious without tasting like you are steeping a suburban lawn. I find the ‘afternotes' especially pleasant and mellow. Nettle tea is reported to be a great blood and liver tonic. A nice thing about this recipe: you can use the whole leaf and stem, no need to remove the leaves from the stems. I use a little tea strainer when pouring the final tisane into cups.

1 pyrex measuring cup

boiling water

nettles to loosely fill 1/3 to 1/2 of the measuring cup

1. Soak the nettles in cool/cold water for a few minutes.

2. Boil the water

3. Rinse nettles, using tongs or dishwashing gloves to not sting your hands.

4 Place cleaned nettles in measuring cup or teapot or glass bowl, pour water over to fill cup, and steep the ‘tisane' (a tea made with fresh herb) for 5 or so minutes. Enjoy.

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