Building Your Stores

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Building Your Stores

Post by wannabemountainman on Sat 05 Dec 2009, 13:48

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So you understand the importance of having a 72-hour emergency kit for an unexpected reversal of fortune. You get it that there are such things as duckbilled platypuses and black swans, even though they had never before been seen in nature until one day someone, somewhere laid eyes on them. So it isn’t surprising to you to hear that there are a myriad of reasons why you should also take thought and heed the advice of planning in advance for not only a rainy day, but days, weeks, and possibly months.

Well even if I had the space, you ask yourself, how in the world would I be able to afford 6 month’s to a year’s supply of food anyway? It’s not as complex as you think if you don’t bite off more than you can chew. There are a few methods that I am about to reveal to you that work like magic when applied on a consistent basis.

Baby Steps: When you do your regular grocery shopping, make it a bit of duplicity. Get doubles, that is. Not for all of the necessary items, but for a few each trip to the store. If you eat canned soup, when you put your favorite variety in the basket, reach for a second one. This one will be added to your newly begun emergency food supply. See how easy it is?! We all rationalize spending that extra couple of dollars for a soda and a candy bar (or whatever else tickles your fancy). It’s even easier rationalizing a couple extra dollars that you bring you peace of mind. Next trip you can get some extra cooking oil. Then salt. Flour. You get the idea. Pretty soon, you’ll have quite a bit of momentum in your favor with your new and productive endeavor. You’ll find yourself very engaged. You’ll look around the house, and find that you’ve done a heckuva job finding spaces in closets and cupboards, filling these areas with an abundant supply of life-giving foods.

Making it automatic: Ever read the book The Automatic Millionaire? The book spells out a plain, simple and straightforward regimen for eliminating the roadblocks to financial success. The same principle can be applied in attaining adequate emergency food supplies. Pay strict attention, here it is: decide upon a monthly/biweekly food supply allowance, and make it money that goes into a separate account from your regular checking account. Most employers have an option that you can have direct deposit of not only the major portion of your paycheck, but you may also have one or two other accounts with portions of your check deposited into. Set this up with your bank, and forget it for a while. When it gets built up to a sufficient level, take some out to spend on a “bigger” ticket item such as a Dutch oven or cooking stove, or even several buckets of wheat.

Tax returns: put zero exemptions on your W-4 if this helps you not to spend that extra “cushion” money in your regular paycheck. Then commit the tax refund wholly (or at least a goodly portion) to wheat, rice, beans, and other emergency food supplies that have a long shelf life. Don’t forget personal care items later- soap, shampoo, deodorant, feminine care products, diapers, toothpaste, matches, and the like.

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