Can you eat conkers?

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Can you eat conkers?

Post by ThreeperMan on Sun 12 Jul 2009, 15:01

Is the common conker the same as horse chestnuts, Indeed can you cook and eat conkers?

Horse Chestnuts (Conkers) are semi-poisonous to humans, but can be eaten by deer and horses.

(They can be eaten by humans if they are boiled about 5 times to get the toxins out, throwing away the water each time. But it's not advised and they don't taste nice)

Edible Chestnuts come from Chestnut trees. Which are not the same as Horse Chestnut (Conker) trees.

Horse Chestnut trees are not closely related to Chestnut trees at all. They're just called Horse Chestnut because they produce a similar looking nut to the chestnut.

edible conkers are from the Sweet Chestnut tree.

You can tell the difference in several ways:

Sweet chestnut have course hairs on the shells rather than conker spikes

Sweet chestnut are segmented once you open the shell, about 4-6 in each shell, conkers are one round nut.

Horsechestnut have large lobed leaves, the sweet chestnut are more eliptical.

as well as being mildly poisnous you wouldn't want to eat roasted horsechestnut, they are very chewy and taste like cardboard.

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