How to Eat an Insect or Arachnid

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How to Eat an Insect or Arachnid Empty How to Eat an Insect or Arachnid

Post by ThreeperMan on Thu 16 Jul 2009, 06:44

Have you ever looked at an insect or arachnid and wondered what it tasted like? It may seem gross to some people, but even people with Entomophobia can overcome their fears, and eat an insect or arachnid (or any other similar arthropod, for that matter!).

1. Realize that some people eat insects on a regular basis. In some cultures of the world, insects and arachnids are eaten as a regular part of the diet. If they can do it every day, you can do it just this once.
2. Understand the nutritional benefits of insects and arachnids. Fiber is an important part of your daily diet, and you will get a lot of it from insects and other arthropods that have an exoskeleton. This is why people around the world eat them. Many insects, ounce for ounce, contain a greater amount of protein than beef.
3. Forget all misconceptions. You must clear your mind of the idea that these creatures are disgusting, dirty, creepy, or whatever other description you may have from childhood. Think of them as a non-human animal just like your pet cat. It may be a stretch of the imagination, but you must overcome your fears to eat one of these little buggers!
4. Visualize that you are eating something completely different. Do not think of it as a cricket, but rather imagine a peanut. The taste will not be the same, but it will be over quicker than you think.
5. Choose an insect or arachnid to eat. You can find insects in the wild all over the place, but you will want to look it up online or in a book, to ensure that it is not poisonous. You will want to choose an insect or arachnid that is not so small that you can not even tell that you have it in your mouth. If you need to, you can purchase a candy-covered or roasted insect in stores or on the internet, but for a true challenge, you should choose a live insect or arachnid.
6. Remove potentially harmful mouth parts or stingers. You will want to make sure that you are not biting into something that could grab on or sting your mouth as it goes in. That could result in injury.
7. Pick up your insect or arachnid. Grab it in a way that is comfortable for you. Use tweezers if you must, but you will likely only need your index finger and thumb. Make sure you pick up the insect so that it cannot harm you. The bug may still have a trick up its sleeve, even if you have removed obviously harmful parts.
8. Open your mouth. You should open wide for the delectable treat that is about to come. Making sure your mouth is open wide can help ensure that the insect or arachnid makes its way into your mouth all the way the first time.
9. Place the insect or arachnid in your mouth quickly. Using your fingers or tweezers, place the bug into your mouth. Do not throw it, but put your fingers or tweezer into your mouth a little bit before letting go of the bug. If you throw it in, you could miss and get a face full of bug.
10. Chew! You have the bug under your complete control now. Chew quickly to get it over with, or chew slowly to show off to friends or savour the flavour.
11. Swallow. You've done it! You have now eaten an insect or arachnid.


* Do not let yourself vomit. If you do not allow yourself to vomit, your body will be less likely to vomit the next time you have the urge.
* You may want to have a glass of water ready to rinse out your mouth of spare legs or bug innards. The water can also wash down anything stuck in your throat.
* Take your time with researching the bug. Safety first!
* Arachnids can be particularly tricky. It may be hard to find one that is not too small or poisonous, but it is worth noting that it can be done!
* Try not to look at it.


* Poisonous insects or arachnids can make you seriously ill, or worse. If bitten or stung, seek immediate medical attention.
* Any friends watching may become seriously grossed out.
* Eat the bug outside, in case you feel sick.

Things you'll need

* Will power
* Insect or Arachnid (that you know is safe)
* Optional: Tweezers or other grabbing utensil

* Optional: Glass of water to rinse mouth and throatHow to Eat an Insect or Arachnid Creativecommons488

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