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Post by ThreeperMan on Sun 12 Jul 2009, 16:44

None of us seem to have spoken much of the big wild pigs now rampaging through the English countryside in seemingly ever increasing numbers! They should definitely be considered as fair game survival foods for anyone out in the wilds in a survival type of a situation! It used to be that these wild Boar were few and far between but a decade and a half ago only! Now I see tracks and signs of their presence almost everytime I venture personally into wild woodlands. If you are ever driving home late at night on the lands many country roads, and you think you spy one of these unusual, usually shy creatures-then you are most likely these days to be quite right! The numbers of these wild Porky the Pig lookalikes, once a native species of beast to medieval lands of this forested realm England, are once more definitely on the increase! A better set of words to use might even be to call their current numbers a veritable population explosion!

The strange piggy beasts have a real native strong-hold particularly in East and West Sussex, Kent and Surrey forested areas. Some people often believe, rather wrongly, that these beasts all originated from a secret Boar farm in the Kent countryside. Others still almost farcically actually try to lay blame for their existence at the door of Paul and Linda McCartney! I have heard from people who fervently believe that the ex-Beatle and his lovely late wife bred and released them into the wilds as part of their Animal rights pro-animal life beliefs activities! This story too is not the real origin of these fascinating returning Wild Boar!

The truth is that there was a small remaining breeding population of these critters remaining mostly hidden all of the time! If you go to look at accident statistics for car collisions with wildlife, way back into the early fifties and sixties-you will see reports of bizarre deaths of so called 'extinct' British Wild Boars, found both dead by the roadside along with wild deer due to vehicular collision, as well as actual witness reports of people running them down on the nighttime roads! The small population probably survived largely unseen from way back to the time of regular English Boar hunts, that led to their labeling of a perceived 'extinction' declaration. Add to these many escaping abattoir pigs and 'pet' common domestic farm pigs over the years, along with private zoo and illegally held wild animal European and farmed Boar, and bob is your uncle! The wild pig proliferates once more in the leafy woodlands! Hi there uncle Bob!

Our whole Southern England forest soil is as perfect a home as any of the little trotters could wish for! They thrive on the local soil and terrain here, as did their more ancient predecessor's! The animals are in their perfect habitat, as omnivorous little creatures, hardy and strong to cold and wet, who like nothing better than digging in the mud and roots of woodland glades and pastureland! The numbers of this most hardy of wild pigs now is in the several hundred or so, and they are increasing in numbers steadily every year too!

So prolific in fact has been their expansive progress, that people are now beginning to question the wisdom of allowing such vast un-checked wilderness pig herd numbers being 'out there'. Unlike the European Boars, who will actively and confidently attack approaching people, the English or British wild piggy is not considered to be any real threat at all to human kind. If left alone, the local Boar are most usually shy retiring type creatures! Some though do not agree with these conclusions wholeheartedly!

There is some evidence to suggest that the wild pigs do present very real problems which have to be addressed either one way or another! Many now are even putting forth the idea of yearly or twice yearly 'culls' of these wild pigs of the woods! The Game Conservancy Trust is so particularly concerned! They believe that the current native Wild Boar population is indeed spiraling out of all human control. Landowners and farmers are loudly voicing their combined concerns over the future of the Wild Boar of England!

As the clamor to do something about these wild piggies increases, farmers fear for future damage that might be done to valuable crops in the fields and other woodland and pasture lands. Others fear the close real and present dangers of introductions of wild pig diseases into herds of prized cows and sheep, and farmed varieties of pig. Rare breeds pig farmers fear all of that and yet more as well. Their's is the worry of accidental cross-breeding with their valuable stock of rare breeds pigs.

This situation has all led DEFRA-the Government controlled farming authority-to formally commence a full public consultation exercise, aiming 'to ensure an acceptable accountable balance between Wild Boar numbers and the interests of conservation, horticulture, farming, woodlands management , infrastructure and human safety-as well as concerns for the continuing welfare of the English Wild Boar'. In other words they are going to shoot a whole big bunch of them in about the next 8 or 9 months or so!

Still ignore the sad cull, and instead think of all that pork walking around freely available out there! You do though have to be careful to pay particular attention to cooking it very well-as pigs can pass disease to humans in both uncooked meats and also not well cooked enough meats! So do consider this a piggy survival food feast for future survival situation harvest! It is good to know there are again these big wild creatures well established in the UK now, happily back out there in the wilds of the woodlands!

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