Realities of Going Primitive

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Realities of Going Primitive Empty Realities of Going Primitive

Post by ThreeperMan on Mon 13 Jul 2009, 04:44

There are a number of myths about our primitive ancestors perpetuated by modern civilized people. These are often directed toward me when the topic of "what do you do these days?" comes up.
Them: "Don't you know those people died before they turned 40?!"
Me: "I seriously doubt that the human species would still be around if all people died that early and even if they did, I would rather live a free and full life in the wild and die at 40 than live a desperate, seared and isolated existence of 80 years."
Them: "Your teeth will fall out and you will get cataracts!"
Me: "My teeth have never been healthier, especially since I am not eating junk anymore, and my eyes... I will drink some willow tea, it's supposed to prevent cataracts."
Them: "It must be miserable living in a tipi in the winter and so cold!"
Me: "Yes, it does get cold, but I feel great and invigorated staying in my tipi. Fresh air always at my nose, a nice warm fire with meat cooking, looking up at the stars as I go to sleep. No! I would not trade tipi life for any house."
I could go on with the years of myths that crowd our minds concerning the natural life. I have to meet my own doubts and myths head-on. I believe that most aboriginal people lived long, healthy and joyous lives. Sure, there were hardships and heartaches. If there wasn't some adversities and struggle, it wouldn't be much of a life. How would one learn about the right ways and wrong ways to do things?

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