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Backpacking - How to Keep your Pack Dry

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Backpacking - How to Keep your Pack Dry Empty Backpacking - How to Keep your Pack Dry

Post by ThreeperMan on Mon 15 Mar 2010, 14:45

Backpacking - How to Keep your Pack Dry
Backpacking - How to Keep your Pack Dry When it rains, it pours. First, your clothes get wet through your raincoat, then the water seeps in your toes. Your pack gets soaked and you open it to find all your things wet except for your underwear rolled in the middle of your stuff.

If this has happened to you before, then it’s time to shake off the rain of the past for a lighter, dryer Hiking future.

* Get a waterproof Hiking Backpack. The simplest solution to keeping your things in your pack dry during a Hiking trip is by using a waterproof backpack. This may cost around $250-$350.

* A waterproof bag does not necessarily mean it can literally keep your things from getting wet. Waterproof packs still have chances of getting your things inside wet because of the seams and zippers. The best way to solve this is by using a seam sealer (you can find this in sewing shops) to prevent those nasty seam leaks.

* Use a pack cover. If you can’t find a seam sealer, using a pack cover is a fine alternative. This doesn’t just protect your seams; it keeps your whole backpack dry. A pack cover is made of waterproof material that is large enough to swathe over your pack. You can get it for as low as $30 in department stores and Hiking gear shops. Some backpackers use this to envelope their things inside the pack. It’s better to throw the cover over the entire pack itself so you wouldn’t have to worry about a large soaking backpack.

* Bag them and zip them. To be sure, put large pieces of gear like Sleeping Bags in separate waterproof bags. If, after the first night, you find your pack too cluttered, you can carry your Sleeping Bag outside the bag and still keep it dry. It is also wise to put small important things and electronic gadgets like your wallet and mp4 in small plastic bags. Zip locks are always dependable in keeping your small valuables dry and organized.

* Clad yourself in gaiters and rain ponchos. Gaiters worn under your wet pants will keep your feet dry in deluge. Unlike raincoats that have a slim cut, ponchos allow mobility and have wide, open cuts that give ample space for your pack.

* Bring an umbrella. A lightweight umbrella could provide protection from downpours to you and your backpack.

Using a waterproof Hiking Backpack is not enough to ensure that the things inside your pack will not get drenched when it rains. Follow the simple guidelines above so you will be assured that everything you need will be dry and protected throughout the trip.

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