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What would you do? - Out of fuel

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What would you do? - Out of fuel Empty What would you do? - Out of fuel

Post by wannabemountainman on Sat 17 Apr 2010, 07:27

Virus Outbreak — Out of Gas

Posted on February 1, 2010
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A virulent outbreak of a viral hemorrhagic fever has overwhelmed your cities hospitals and emergency services.  Driving home you notice several heavily armed soldiers waving off customers and guarding the pumps at your local 7-11.  Time to bug out to your well stocked survival retreat 90 miles from town before they lock down the city.  You gather the family, secure the house, throw your 72 hour kits into the bed of the truck and start your well planned trip down the back roads to your retreat.

Just then you notice the gas gauge hovering near empty, you forgot to fill up after your weekend fishing trip. With the gas stations secured by the military and sheltering in place not an option what would you do to protect your family and get to your survival retreat?

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