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Power Out — Forever

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Power Out — Forever Empty Power Out — Forever

Post by ThreeperMan on Tue 02 Nov 2010, 06:42

A Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) has just struck earth overloading the power grids around the world.

The usual electronic hum of your office has been replaced with excited voices punctuated by the muffled explosions of wasted transformer. Strangely the emergency lighting has failed so you feel your way out of the windowless black room of cubicles as the temperature quickly rises.

Outside you try the cell phone…dead, as is your car. You stand with your coworkers, sweating in the 100 degree heat, anxiety rising many wondering if it was a terrorist attack or simply a blackout. Workers continue to pour out of the office as the lack of air conditioning quickly makes the building unbearable.

You are 27 miles from the suburban McMansion you share with your partner and three kids. How are you going to get home in the sweltering heat? What about your three children who are starting to roast in the easy bake oven that was once their daycare center?

Assuming you have not done any major preparation work outside a couple of weeks of food in storage:

1. What would be your immediate priorities once you have gotten home?

2. What preparations can be put in place to help your family survive an extended period (+1 year) without power?


Your Bic lighter, and your pocket knife...
Don't leave home without 'em!!!

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