Dryer Lint for Tinder

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Dryer Lint for Tinder Empty Dryer Lint for Tinder

Post by wannabemountainman on Mon 13 Jul 2009, 05:36

Dryer Lint is one I'm sure everyone already knows about. Try to collect your lint after drying a load of cotton laundry, though. Nylon and polyester lints stink something fierce. Store in zip-lock bags.

Ever think there might be a use for that Shredded Paper from last months bills? Fill an empty toilet-paper roll with it and crimp over each end as you would a roll of coins. When ready to use, uncrimp and pull a bit of the paper out of each end. The idea is to leave a bit of tighter packed paper in the center for a longer burn, but you'll need the looser paper to get it started.

Steel-wool, the finer the better. Oil it lightly for better ignition. I could think of better uses for it than burning a potential tool but, we're improvising here.

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