Types of real survivalists: 2. The chameleon

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types of real survivalists

Most of the folks who have been through some serious and life threatening situations and survive gonna tell you one thing: they survive it with mental strength.

Also all survival instructors gonna say that first thing in any survival situation to have is will to survive.

It is easy to say today “I will survive!” but great majority of people do not know what will to survive actually means.

In my time I did see some folks who just lay down and had lost will for life. They just gave up.

When it comes to survival you have to focus on what you are good at, and some people are just good at working with other people or maybe dealing or playing with other people.

The mainstream media gives everyone some picture how real survivalist need to look and act. That’s wrong. Today I talk about a smart type of real survivalist.

The Chameleon

When SHTF, the word deception has whole other meaning, and becomes powerful. It is used in many different situations and for many different reasons. It helps to survive but also helps to take lives.

Never form your opinion about what kind of man is dangerous on “popular” images. When SHTF you can end up dead because some 70 years old lady blows your head off with shotgun.

This is how you should think, but average man, sheeple don’t.

So you can be sure that when times come you’ll need to look stronger than you are, but also sometimes you gonna need to look much weaker than you are. More options are always better.

And for all who are preparing with the attitude “let them come” you need to change it to “let them not come”.

There was a guy in town in that time who was very good to know if you need to find out where you can find something useful, or to find out what is going on.

For example if I needed to find something particular, for example I needed 10 liters of diesel fuel for something I would first check people in my vicinity, check few guys out, do they have that, or do they know someone who has that. In short I would go out and try my luck.

But there was also that guy who always has good information about sources for trade, or any other information.

Guy was shrouded in some kind of rumors, or it was more like myth. So you could hear all kind of stories like “he has important friends” or “he has some sources from outside” or “somebody powerful is protecting him”… After all of that stories you could easily conclude that guy was powerful, even before you see him.

He alone did not look mean or powerful or anything similar, but he carried this mean looking old style heavy machine gun all the time, with bullet stripes over shoulders and chest.

Anytime when I go and visit him I get something useful for trade or some useful information where I can go and find something.

He survived war and I did not see him for several years. Then I met him in mall, he was buying some toys for his grandson. I started conversation with him, and we get some coffee.

I asked him what he is doing now, he says he is lawyer. I was surprised. Then he told me that he was lawyer before SHTF. For some reasons I could not connect that man from war period with lawyer, but soon some things were more clear for me.

He invite me to his house for more coffee, and after some time he goes to the basement and drags big wooden box with locks on it out.

He opened it and I saw that old machine gun inside. Of course I wanted to check it. When I took it I saw that barrel is full of melted iron, in order to make weapon unusable.

I was surprised, and ask the man why he did that, I mean you never know when you gonna need weapon ready. He laughed and said “it was always like that, unusable”.

Now I was completely confused, but then he started to talk.

He was lawyer before SHTF, he never fired a shot from any weapon, and violence was completely strange to him. When SHTF in chaos he found himself on street, looking how bunch of folks are breaking in malls and shops taking whatever is useful.

In 5 minutes he was in local museum with some young people who were breaking stuff, and taking whatever useful they could. He said “when I saw local policeman completely drunk trying to take on German uniform and helmet for fun, I realized that we are starting to live in interesting time”

He took machine gun from glass box, together with some bullets stripes and went home.

Ten days later some punks tried to loot his home armed with knives and screwdrivers:

“I put those bullet stripes on me, took machine gun, stand in front of them and yell that if they do not disappear that moment I am gonna massacre them” And of course they disappeared.

He said, even if that thing worked he was not sure if he would be able to shoot at them. But he realized one thing. It is not important how things are really – it is important how things look like.

When all different groups in town started to use signs, I mean small colored bands on shoulder in order to make clear who is belonging to their group, he got all those bands and markings.

When all of those groups started with some system, when to wear what, he bribed guys in order to know that system.

So if one group was controlling some part of the town used red bands on shoulders on Monday and Wednesday, and black one on Sunday on Saturday he would know that.

He used that for moving through the city, because in all that chaos, if you are moving through the city during the night, and you need to go through area that is controlled by some group it was very useful to have some of their signs or code.

So he was member of multiple groups and all groups shared information with him. As a result, he was everywhere in the city, always having correct info about important things.

He knew what is gonna have high price, or when new food aid might come in. I asked him “how were you able to know all info about lot of stuff” because it sounds just too complicated for me.

He said “what I did not know I just made up in my head”.

Actually he was playing with prices, with demand and need of the people. He dictated prices.

After some time, because all of his infos he became so “popular” that if he said that “cans are gonna be very hard to find in next month” people believed it.

So it was easy for him to distribute all cans at higher prices, of course not personally, but in same time he would of course know man who have cans right now at cheap price. His man. He got a cut out of most deals and that helped him to survive.

Through his network of people he puts word out that “powerful people protecting him”. Another illusion but together with fact that people did not want to have problems with man who has always good info he survived.

Also one thing helped, in first period, he collected 5-6 bodies, badly dismembered by shells, put them in front of his house, and put word on the street that “some guys messed with him, but he called his powerful friends and that friends made example of that guys to not mess with him”.

If some really strong group caused danger to him, he just left house and waited for them to leave.

No problem, he did not have anything valuable in house, trading goods he kept at his “associates” and his main value was information. His main value actually was his brain.

So keep that in mind. Before you give up because you have nothing, use your brain and try to play the system with deception. Chaotic urban survival situations offer lots of opportunity for that.

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