THE PERFECT BOWL Contributed by: Mark Adkins

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THE PERFECT BOWL  Contributed by: Mark Adkins Empty THE PERFECT BOWL Contributed by: Mark Adkins

Post by ThreeperMan on Wed 15 Jul 2009, 13:02

Most bowls are poorly insulated, hard to balance, flimsy things. Here is an idea for a bowl that is tough, light, insulated, and can be carried on a belt when full- and only costs a couple bucks!

Silver foil bubble wrap insulation (home centers and lumberyards) 1 roll will make a lot of cool things!

Tape. Duct works well, but the silver metallic tape sold for use with the wrap is really cool!

Velcro(R). Only a few inches each of hook and loop, self-adhesive back.

Bowl. Any Rubbermaid or similar storage container of tough plastic with a tight, sturdy lid, that is also cylindrical and the right size for YOUR bowl. Often found in thrift stores!

Nylon cord (optional). Strong cord, boot laces, etc. to make the sling or hanger.

Thin nylon cord (mason cord) (also optional).

1. Clean and deodorize the bowl. Letting it sit several days with a strong mix of water and baking soda will usually do the trick.

2. Cut a chunk of insulation the size of the bottom of the bowl, and one a bit bigger than the top.

3. Cut two long rectangles of insulation. one that is the same height as from the bottom of the bowl to the bottom of the ridge going around it and long enough to go around the bowl comfortably. The other should go from the top of the bowl down far enough to overlap the other peice by an inch or so, and be long enough to go around the lid loosely.

4. Flip the bowl upside down and wrap the first piece on loosely, tape the entire side seam.

5. Position the bottom piece and tape around the entire circumferance, pinching the tape down bit by bit to hold the bottom in place.

6. Flip the thing over and repeat with the lid.

7. With the lid piece in place and partly overlapping the bottom, use some tape to tape them together at one point, like a hinge.

8. On the far side from the hinge, use the Velcro to make a fastening. Run one piece inside the lid section and the other on the outside of the lower section.

OK- now, you have an insulated bowl that you can even load food into and reseal, keeping it hot (or cold) as you carry it or finish something.

To make it even cooler, try this:

Attach a sling for shoulder or belt use. Use the thicker cord and learn to tie the 'Jug Knot' (also called the jar knot, jar sling, etc.) It is a bit tricky at first, but is really useful! For directions, go to

This gives you a way to attach the bowl to things with a great harness.

An example of how to use the harness: drill or melt a small hole in the bowl lid near the rim in a place where it won't go into the bowl. Use a small cord to tie the lid to the above harness.

Tie a monkey's fist in the sling first, then tie it to the bowl, leaving several inches of slack. Tuck the cord with the monkey's fist up between you and your belt so the big knot keeps the cord from pulling back. Now you can carry your bowl on your belt!

If your lid is not the tightest fit, use the jar knot's cords tied right on top of the lid to hold it in place.

You can use an old Ensolite or other foam pad instead of silver foil/bubble wrap, but this stuff is tough, effective, and easy to keep clean.

Make it 'neater' and longer lasting by taping all cut edges.

This same bubble wrap also can be used for:

Temporary shoe or boot liners

Insulating or bump-protecting nearly anything: lanterns, lantern globes, stoves (it also makes a good windscreen!), electronic devices, etc.

It can be formed into things like caps, mittens, overshoes, reflectors for open fires, etc.

A few placemat sized pieces can be used for placemats, to tuck in the back of your shirt for more warmth at your kidneys, slipped into your pants to protect your calves or thighs, hung dangling in a tree to scare birds or mark a camp, etc.

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