How to treat cuts.

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How to treat cuts. Empty How to treat cuts.

Post by ThreeperMan on Sun 12 Jul 2009, 14:32

If you have ever been out somewhere and received a nice cut it is not fun. It is really not fun when you are out in the middle of no where, like on a fishing trip or out camping. Have no fear though here is a quick 4 step guide to helping you stitch that wound right up.

1) First, get the wound as clean as possible. Flush out the wound with water for between 3-5 minutes. The more water the better. If you happen to have a first-aid kit apply iodine or peroxide to kill any more germs.

2) Find a small needle that is no longer than 2 inches long. Sterilize said needle by holding it over a flame (lighter, camp fire, etc) for 60-90 seconds. Thread the needle with the finest material you have available but as a rule cotton gathers the most germs.

3) Your first pierce should be as far away from the cut as the wound is deep. Shove the needle through to the other side, pulling as tightly as possible, tying a knot and cutting the thread. Repeat every quarter inch or so.

4) Infection is your worst enemy after you have finished your stitching so keep it covered as much as possible. If it doesn't get infected you should be able to remove the stitches in about 2 weeks.

Nothing can be more scary then being hurt and having no hospital or doctor care near. Though these situations due occur, remaining calm can mean your survival.
Ideal situation, is having antiseptic handy, if not then clean the wound with fresh, clean running water, draining it away from the injury.
Take simple sewing thread and sterile (with flame) a large sewing needle. If you don't have these tools, later I will explain other techniques you can use to close the wound. Prepare your patient, this will hurt.
Using your fore finger and thumb close the wound with one hand, pitching the wound together. Take the needle and thread and insert the needle into the pitched skin(this won't be easy) toward the middle of the cut or laceration. Bringing the thread together tie off and make a knot and cut the thread. A small amount of bleeding is good. It will help clean the wound. Repeat this on both sides of your first stitch, knotting and cutting each stitch, until you close the wound. Then dress the wound with a clean dressing. Watching for infection.
If you do not have the luxury of needle and thread, the best you can do then is close the wound with what ever you can find. Pitching the wound, use any kind of tape and then dress the wound taking thin small strips of a sheet or material, tie and close the wound. This isn't meant to be permanent and can created more problems. Seek medical help ASAP. Infection can kill, so keeping the injury clean is one priority no matter what you do.
You may have to be creative, but staying calm will enable you to handle any problem.

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