Build an Emergency Heating Stove

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Build an Emergency Heating Stove Empty Build an Emergency Heating Stove

Post by wannabemountainman on Mon 13 Jul 2009, 05:11

HOW TO - Build an emergency heating stove

Stove Illus

Here's how to make an emergency wood stove, using metal 5 gallon buckets - "The
stove is a basic Franklin design. The body is built from nested shop
buckets; the upper buckets have their bottoms removed to extend the
length of the firebox, while the bottom two buckets keep their bottoms
to provide a dead air space between the firebox and the floor. The
grating, which rests upon the brick fragments, raises the fuel above
the ventilation holes at the bottom of the firebox. The stovepipe is
prevented from falling through to the bottom of the firebox by the
screw inserted at its base.

by Phillip Torrone

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